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Insulating Energy-Saving Safety Glass

PSG’s Saif Cool, is a factory produced, hermetically sealed, insulating glass unit, constructed from two or more plies of architectural glass separated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed with an organic sealant. The desiccant absorbs the moisture within the insulating unit and vacuum is created between the two glass plies to insulate from heat.

Saif Cool can be constructed from a wide variety of combination options, employing clear, tinted, high performance reflective and low emissivity glass, of varying thickness and including laminated, tempered or heat strengthened glass, depending upon individual requirements and window design. The thickness of each unit can be varied with 6mm, 9mm or 12mm spacer.

Thermal insulation
Saif Cool reduce the rate of heat transfer from the exterior to the interior of the building, which in turn reduces air-conditioning costs. Window areas can be increased, so providing more natural light and the comfort levels adjacent to windows are improved, resulting in better space utilization.

Solar control
A wide range of tinted and reflective solar control glasses from the world’s leading manufacturers can be incorporated as the outer glass in the unit to reduce the transmission of solar radiation.

Sound Insulation
Increases in road and air traffic over recent years have resulted in much higher levels of noise. Insulated Glass provides protection against unwanted noise by substantially reducing sound penetration.