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Saif Lam (Laminated Safety Glass)

PSG Saif Tough
Production Size(mm) Thickness (mm)
Minium 100 x 300 4
Maximum 2440 x 5000 19

Saif Lam is made by permanently bonding two or more sheets of glass with one or more sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, under high heat and pressure. The result is a tough, adaptable glazing material that offers outstanding features to meet a variety of design challenges. In the case of breakage, the glass is held in place by the interlayer, retaining visibility, and continuing to provide protection, while letting you replace the glass at your convenience.

Saif Lam is available in a wide variety of design options, depending on the tint and thickness of both the glass and interlayer, and on the types of glass used.

Product Features

Safety Standards

Saif Lam is a safety glazing material, conforming to requirements of BS 6206, ANSI Z 97., etc.


If broken, ¬Saif Lam glass will remain intact and will continue to protect until the glass is replaced. Due to the tough PVB interlayer used, it will continue to provide protection and resistance to entry even after the glazing is broken.

Impact Performance

¬Saif Lam with PVB interlayer resists penetration from impact and will absorb the energy of the impact. When broken, the glass remains intact to the resilient plastic interlayer, remaining relatively harmless and minimizing the risk of injuries from sharp edges and falling glass.

Sound Reduction

The viscoelastic properties of the PVB interlayer used in ¬Saif Lam provides a damping effect on the transmission of sound, thus reducing unwanted outside noise.

Thermal comfort

In single and certainly also in the insulated version ¬Saif Lam reduces heat gains from sunlight, thus providing thermal comfort and reducing energy costs.

Visual comfort

The use of coloured folio instead of clear folio improves the visual comfort and allows you to choose amazing colors at cheap, affordable prices.

UV Control

The UV absorbing additives is the PVB interlayer used in ¬Saif Lam can screen out almost all of the sun’s UV rays that damage draperies, art, and furniture, thus protecting against discoloring of items.

Design Versatility

Depending on design needs, ¬Saif Lam can be made with variety of glass types, including annealed, tempered or heat strengthened glass, tinted, decorative ceramic coated, reflective and Low-E glass.

Fire Retardancy

While standard laminated glass does not meet the code requirements as a fire resistant glass when exposed to flames and heat, it does not disintegrate easily like ordinary annealed glass, thus confining the fire longer, and giving more time for detection, evacuation and extinguishing.

Installation Versatility

Saif Lam using annealed glass can be cut to size on site and can also be drilled or notched.

Product Applications

Saif Lam
Production Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Minimun 150 x 150 5.38
Maximum 2134 x 3657 80