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Tempered Safety Glass

PSG’s Tempered Glass, know as “Saif Tough” is manufactured on the world’s most sophisticated horizontal production line. It is approximately five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness and meets architectural safety standards on impact resistance worldwide. The increased strength and safety of tempered glass minimises the risk of personal injury. Furthermore, Saif Tough, when broken, breaks into multitude of small fragments, thus protecting against serious injury.

Product Features

Saif Tough is 5 times stronger than ordinary anneal glass of same thickness and is 100 times more secure.

Saif Tough is more resistant to thermally induced stress and can therefore withstand extremes of heat and cold. Which can cause ordinary anneal glass to crack.


Wherever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with extra strength, safety, or heat resistance, Saif Tough can offer a complete and proven solution.

Note on use and Glazing

After manufacturing, it is impossible to do any processing, such as cutting, drilling or grinding on tempered glass. Therefore, all dimensions and specifications must be determined before the glass is tempered.