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Textured Glass

Solar Seal has been creating unique cast glass textures for over 25 years. Kiln cast glass, or slumped glass, creates a feeling of warmth, dimension, and a uniqueness that can only come from such a special product and process. We can use our standard patterns which are readily available or we will gladly work on unique one-of-a-kind designs.

Textured glass can be left annealed or it can be post-tempered. This allows the glass to be used in locations where safety glazing is required. Solar Seal's textured glass has been used for a variety of purposes including: exterior windows, interior panels, flooring, counter tops, table tops, logo designs, commercial doors, shower doors, displays, handrails, bath enclosures, and backsplashes. We are always looking for new ways to use our textured glass and welcome your input and ideas.

For samples, project evaluations, or to begin working with one of our design professionals, contact Solar Seal. We will be glad to help you take your glass project to the next level.