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Double Glazing

Cooling the interior of a bulding as well as keeping out unwanted sound and pollution has sharply risen in the last few years. This is parricularly true in large cities where all forms of unwanted intrusions disrupt the privacy and solitude needed to work effectively.

Althrote keeps out some of the unwanted disruptions, it also block all natural light and can conduct heat into the building, thus increasing the electrical costs with regards to light and air conditioning.


Insulated Glass is an efficient and cost saving device which is being used all around the world to protect against heat and sound. It is constructed of two or more glass plies, separated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed within the insulating units and vacuum is created between the two glass plies to insulaugh concrete from heat and sound.

Insulating glass can be produced in many forms by varying the configuration of glasses, depending upon individual requirements and window design.