Like every other industry, the architectural and automotive glass industry has been blooming more than ever. The solar and thermal performance features of glass windows and doors are quite in the demand. One of such high-performing glass is energy-efficient Low-E glass. As heat loss through windows and doors accounts for approximately 30% of overall heat loss. By installing high-performance energy-saving glass, you would achieve amazing heat insulation. 

The energy-efficient glass at PSG has a microscopically thin coating that minimizes the amount of UV and infrared rays that enter your house and maintains the temperature without blocking light from coming inside. This low emissivity glass keeps the temperature of the room consistent, avoiding energy loss. This means that the air-conditioned or fan cooling in the summer would remain indoors while minimal heat would enter from outside. The opposite would happen in winters.

Product Features

  •  Acts as a barrier and controls the amount of UV light that can pass through the glass.
  •  Only visible light passes through low-E coatings.
  •  Improves the energy efficiency indoors.
  •  Limit the amount of condensation that may occur due to the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the building.

Product Applications

  •  Curtain Wall System.
  •  Point Fixed Glass.
  •  Doors And Windows.
  •  Skylights.
  •  Greenhouse.
  •  Shopfronts.