Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass

Interior spaces are perhaps the most important architectural element of our daily lives, whether at home or office. It decides how we interpret our environment and even affects our moods and perceptions.


Laminated Glass

Its an ideal product for use in structural and decorative applications as the process allows for a wealth of possibilities for a wide range of colors with applications including screens, partitions and cladding.

Spectrum Glass

Back-painted glass

Back-painted glass panels that provide vibrant and rich aesthetics. Completely maintenance-free when used as wall paneling with no risk of flaking, peeling or surface damage.  Its available in an almost unlimited color range.

Color coated glass has given a new face to glass made from Grade-A European glass coatings. We offers color back, decorative panels that can be used for multitude of interior as well as exterior applications such as building façades. The color coated glass is water resistant, heat resistant and UV resistant

Textured Glass

spectrum range of textured glass

It’s a spectrum range of textured glass is outstanding, a large selection of patterns and effects to obscure and distort views.  It is used in glazing, cabinet doors and adds sparkle to borders in stained glass window designs.

We can use our standard patterns which are readily. This allows the glass to be used in locations where safety glazing is required.  We are always looking for new ways to use our textured glass and welcome your input and ideas.

Screen Printed

Digital printing

Digital printing involves taking an image and directly printing onto a substrate. Digital printing gives more detailed imaging when applying an image onto a glass material. However, screen printing is a lower cost method that provides more durable and vibrant imaging. It is a more versatile process when applying ink colors and thickness to glass substrates, typically suited for printing picture frame borders and logos on products such as cover glass, lighting fixtures and other display glass.

Etched Glass

Etched and frosted glass

Etched and frosted glass are generic terms for decorative, translucent glass which obscures visibility, yet still allows diffuse light to filter through. Etching describes the process of altering the glass surface to create a decorative effect, usually into artwork, a decorative pattern or lettering.

Fused Glass

patterns and textures

Fusing is one of the most commonly used techniques in the art glass world. The most basic level it involves melting and bonding different pieces of glass together to form interesting new patterns and textures. It’s a fun way to start experimenting with glass art, and there’s never a shortage of fusing techniques and materials to combine.

Frit Glass

custom designed ceramic paints

We have an excellent decorative ranges, it incorporates custom-designed ceramic paints imposed on glass. Imparts style, privacy light-and-heat diffusion characteristics of glass.

The high-quality paints are completely UV resistant and guaranteed against fading.

Frosted Glass

smooth and satin-like appearance

A glass which has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance, PSG has also this translucent glass product which admits light whilst inhibiting visibility. It has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.

Product Advantages

  • It’s a uniform finish.
  • Translucence that protects privacy.
  • A matte finish that makes maintenance easy.

Product Applications

  • Doors.
  • Shower screens and enclosures.
  • Partitions and interior screens.
  • Shopfronts.

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