Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

Demonstrates a high level of sustainability for building façade

We can offer you a mature product of consistent quality. ALUCOBOND® preserves the aesthetic value of the property even after decades of outdoor use – without the usual higher maintenance costs associated with many alternative solutions. If one considers the low maintenance costs and energy efficiency together with the investment costs, the result is a calculation that is economically very attractive for large-scale projects.

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) consists of two sheets of smooth .02″ aluminum thermobonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process. Alucobond® is pre-finished with a premium Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coil coating that is available in a spectrum of attractive standard colors along with any custom color you desire.

Why it is better than other Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP):

  • Presents an exceptionally flat, high-tech metal panel image.
  • Color consistency and long term performance.
  • Weather and Heat resistant.
  • Light weight and durable.
  • Provides insulation to the whole building.
  • Available in many colours.
  • Can be shaped in many forms.

For a site inspection, consultation and quote, reach out to Pakistan Safety Glass.