Automotive Glass

Automotive Glass

PSG understand how important it is to have every vehicle in your fleet looking its best. Plus, the time your vehicle spends waiting for service is time it could be earning for you. To reduce this down time, so we offers priority scheduling on top of special pricing for all our fleet glass material. We can also look into your queries quickly and gives you the best solution.


Tempered Safety Glass

PSG’s Tempered Glass, know as “Saif Tough” is manufactured on the world’s most sophisticated horizontal production line. Its an essential building glass product and it has strength levels five times more than annealed glasses, hence is classified as safety glazing material.

Product Features

  • Highly durable and secure.
  • 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass.
  • If broken it will shatter into granules and secure injuries.
  • More resistant to thermally induced stress.
  • Provide branded hardware for its application.

Product Applications

Wherever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with extra strength, safety, or heat resistance, Saif Tough can offer a complete and proven solution.


Laminated Safety Glass

Its permanently bonding two or more sheets of glass with one or more sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, under high heat and pressure so the result is a tough, adaptable glazing material that offers outstanding features to meet a variety of design challenges. Extremely safe glazing material with enormous design flexibility and also available with special acoustic interlayers for excellent sound reduction. In the case of breakage, the glass is held in place by the interlayer, retaining visibility, and continuing to provide protection, while letting you replace the glass at your convenience.

Product Features

  • Highly durable and secure.
  • 2 or more sheet of glass bonding with interlayer polyvinyl brutal (PVB) and its also available in
    different colors.
  • Sound Reduction & UV Control.
  • Fire & Heat Resistant.
  • Provide branded hardware for its application.


Bend Tempered Glass

A fantastic aesthetically superior option to straight glasses, it is available in fully tempered, heat-strengthened and heat-soaked forms to finds its way in unlimited application space offering architects phenomenal flexibility in design and form. It can be combined into an insulated or laminated unit for enhanced comfort and safety.

Product Features

  • Unlimited application space offering to architects for flexibility in design.
  • Its a delightful alternatives to flat glass.
  • Provide different look to the building facade.
  • Heat Resistant.
  • Provide branded hardware for its application.

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