While the single pane of a monolithic glass becomes a transparent barrier between the outdoor and indoor, the two or more glass sheets are infused together in our double glazed glass to trap the heat and UV rays outside the house. The Saif Cool glass is heat-insulated, UV resilient, and energy-efficient.

In simple words double glazed glass consists of two or more glass sheets/panes, separated by air are filled between them. It forms an insulating barrier to the indoors of your place against the outdoor.

PSG’s Saif Cool Double Glazed Glass offers several diverse benefits. It allows opening your home up to more natural light, provides year-round heat insulation, blocks unwanted noise outside, and delivers UV protection at all times. And the two layers of your glass make it easy for glass to shatter or cracks, ensuring protection in harsh weather. 

Product Features

  • Efficient UV Protection.
  • Increased Security.
  • Protection against harsh weather.
  • High-performing, energy-saving glass.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Provide branded hardware for its application..

Product Applications

  •  Windows and Doors.
  •  Shopfronts.
  •  Facade System.
  •  Skylights.
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