Move to the bent tempered glass, a fantastic aesthetically superior option to straight glass. It is available in fully tempered, heat-strengthened forms, offering architects phenomenal flexibility in design. It can be insulated or laminated for enhanced comfort and safety.

PSG also successfully produces fully tempered, heat-strengthened Saif Curve glass for the windscreen of small and large vehicles. We use advanced technology and the latest methods to achieve excellent quality production of bent tempered glass.

Here at PSG, bent glass is manufactured in a process based on tempering. The glass is heated at high temperature and once it reaches the softening point, the glass is curved and bet to obtain the required shape and design. Then, it is instantly cooled down to maintain the shape. We use automatic tools and machinery for heating, bending, and fast cooling of the glass.

Product Features

  • Fascinating designs and styles.
  • Amazing strength due to glass tempering.
  • Highly durable and tough.
  • Heat and sound insulation.
  • Provide branded hardware for its application.

Product Applications

  •  Automobile Glass (Windscreen).
  •  Shower Enclosures.
  •  Shopfronts.
  •  Facade Systems.
  •  Skylights.
  •  Glass Railings.