An excellent decorative and functional product, PSG’s decorative colored glass is a stable, non-biodegradable deposit, and can be made in one or more colors, and in different figures and designs. It can be monolithic, laminated, or double glazed. Saif Kote incorporates high-quality paints that are completely UV-resistant and 100% guaranteed.

Saif Kote introduces attractive color to your space, adds beauty, and enhances the effect of light.  Eventually, this decorative glass creates a sense of comfort in your interior and elevates the feel of your exterior look. 

Pakistan Safety Glass is the expert manufacturer of Saif Kote, decorative colored glass, for architecture and interior design. Our product allows designers and homeowners to bring their imagination into reality. It goes through multiple processes to be produced for specific needs and made highly robust and sustainable. 

Product Features

  •  Scratched Resistant.
  •  It will not fade even in a harsh climate.
  •  Can be designed to reduce glare.
  •  It reduces solar transmission.
  •  A wide range of color patterns is available.
  •  Provide branded hardware for its application.

Product Applications

  • Façade System
  •  Windows
  •  Canopies
  •  Glass Partitions
  •  Shower Cubicles
  •  Spandrel glass
  •  Privacy Screens.