Tempered Safety Glass

PSG’s Tempered Glass, know as “Saif Tough” is manufactured on the world’s most sophisticated horizontal production line. Its an essential building glass product and it has strength levels five times more than annealed glasses, hence is classified as safety glazing material.

Product Features

  •  Highly durable and secure.
  •  4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass.
  •  If broken it will shatter into granules and secure injuries.
  •  More resistant to thermally induced stress.
  •  Provide branded hardware for its application.

Product Applications

Wherever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with extra strength, safety, or heat resistance, Saif Tough can offer a complete and proven solution.

  •  Places where safety regulations must be met.
  •  Curtain Walls.
  •  Passage ways and area of high pedestrian traffic..
  •  Frameless glass assemblies.
  •  Shower and bath enclosures.
  •  In Balconies, Balustrades and staircases.
  •  Shop fronts and showcases.
  •  Windows for vehicles, ships, etc.

Note on use and Glazing

After manufacturing, it is impossible to do any processing, such as cutting, drilling or grinding on tempered glass. Therefore, all dimensions and specifications must be determined before the glass is tempered.

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