aluminum door


PSG offers an Aluminium range of series for internal doors/windows. It’s features allow the realization of internal doors with 1 or more shutters with possibility to apply locks, anti-panic handles, push-open. It is perfect for internal places, private and public, satisfying customers and architects’ exigencies of innovation and design.

uPVC door


We provide a complete uPVC window and door system, from profiles, accessories and machinery to marketing and technical support to our dealers. We also have a state-of-the art window fabrication plant for end customers. We have the capability of completing large projects on time, due to our high capacity modern fabrication plant. We always maintain a large stock of profiles and accessories for our dealers and end customers.We are using three brands


UPVC windows are a better option than the other ones because these are stronger than the common wooden windows. Another benefit of uPVC windows is that there are no climate effects on these windows. These uPVC windows’ shape remains always same.

uPVC door


PSG is also marketising ALUWOOD® products which is brand of Noval group from Italy which opens the doors to a world where the requirements for panels surfaced with high quality materials.

ALUWOOD® panels are manufactured using a decorative layer of genuine wood veneer, Hight Pressure Laminate (HPL), Laminate Film, Foil or textile fabrics on sheet aluminium, that fulfils the strict requirements for fire resistance but still providing good acoustics.

ALUWOOD® panels are best suited to areas where quality and timeless elegance are desired


  • Complete branded quality window system from Noval Group – Italy
  • Its completely durable and water resistant
  • Its rust and maintenance free
  • Externally coated with Aluminium and Internally with wood
  • No use of carpentry
  • No time consuming
  • Its termite free