stair railings

Stair Railings

Building glass stairs and staircases with glass parts is a big challenge for fabricators and designers. By using special architectural glass which is chemically treated, tempered and laminated it is possible to get the required strength to hold the weight of itself and the people walking on it. Straight and curved glass stairs and railings can be used for private and commercial projects. Due to the intensive work with engineers we are able to handle all demands like code requirements and statically requirements. We are always researching with architectural glass so that we can provide our customers fresh, individual and innovative glass staircase designs.

pool railing

Swimming Pool Railings

We service both residential and commercial sector. All of our railing systems are available in a multitude of durable, long-wearing colors and finishes. If you are seeking a superior and quality pool railing system our product range will be sure to impress. We provide quality that both ensure the safety of your family and friends but also add to the overall appeal and value of your home.

hardware railing


PSG have a wide variety of glass railing hardware options are available to you such as deck railings/ handrails, bridge railings/handrails and stair railings/handrails.